ERIE COUNTY Music Educators Association

"The arts are an essential element of education...[they] unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment." —W. Bennett

Contact Officers

Masthead Position Email
William Larrabee President WLarrabee@ECMEA.org
Todd Macon Vice President, Instrumental Co-Chair TMacon@ECMEA.org
Gary Lee Choral Co-Chair GLee@ECMEA.org
Mary Kay Ortolano Board of Directors MOrtolano@ECMEA.org
Lynne Ruda Board of Directors Lruda@ECMEA.org
Erin Scudder Board of Directors EScudder@ECMEA.org
ECMEA Main Office Chris Revett, Executive Director crevett@ecmea.org
Chris Revett Executive Director CRevett@ECMEA.org
Paul Furlong Festival Administrator PFurlong@ECMEA.org
Ann Mosner Choral Coordinator AMosner@ECMEA.org
Ann Mosner Librarian AMosner@ECMEA.org
Dan DeAngelis Board of Directors ddeangelis@ecmea.org
Larry Dubill Board of Directors ldubill@ecmea.org
Sandy Sweeley Board of Directors, Instrumental Co-Chair ssweeley@ecmea.org
Paul Siekierski Board of Directors psiekierski@ecmea.org