ERIE COUNTY Music Educators Association

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FAQ's Audition Registration

1.  May I register a student for an all-county event after the deadline has passed?

Registrations are not possible, for any reason, after the deadline has passed.  As per the ECMEA Participation Policy:  Each teacher submitting student names for All-County Festivals must do so at SoloChair.com by the deadline and send, via US Mail, one copy of their confirmation/invoice form to the Festival Office.  No late registrations or substitutions permitted.  The complete policy can be found at here.

2. How do I correct a registration mistake on SoloChair?  

Click on the Edit My Entries button to make the correction then click on the Submit button.  You may make solo changes as long as the Edit My Entries button is active.  This button will remain active until adjudication sheet labels are printed.   When the Edit button is gone, solo changes will have to be made at ECMEA Headquarters at the audition site.

 3.  How do I delete a student’s registration on SoloChair?

Click on the Delete Some Entries button.  Delete the desired entry and click on the Submit button. The delete option is available while registration is open.

4.  How do I cancel a student's audition after registration has closed?

To cancel a student's audition after Nov 15th, click HERE.

5.  I am not able to change solo level from 4 to 5.  How do I do this?  

You may change solo level between 1 & 4 and between 5 & 6.  You must call or send an email to the Festival Office to change between levels 4 & 5.

6.  How do I change a solo after the Edit My Entries option is unavailable?

You must make a solo change at the audition site after the Edit My Entries option is gone.  You must first go to the audition room, pick up the adjudication sheet, bring the sheet to ECMEA headquarters along with the new solo information. See Paul Furlong at headquarters to make the solo change.

7.  May I request an audition time?

With 4000 registrations, ECMEA does not take requests for audition times because we cannot guarantee honoring them. However, we can move the student(s) to a workable time if cancellations are reported.

8.  How do I know my data was received by SoloChair?

You have completed the registration process when you have arrived at the Confirmation/Invoice page.  SoloChair data is exactly the same as the data on your Confirmation/Invoice page.  Be sure to print the page that is labeled Confirmation or Invoice. This page is your proof of registration.   

9.  Should I send a Confirmation/Invoice page to the Festival Office?

NO. Do not send a Confirmation/Invoice page to the Festival Administrator office. However, DO print one copy for your records.

10.  How and when are audition scores posted?

Scores are available to view and verify on SoloChair when the View/Print button is active.  Click on View/Print; click on View Scores.  Scores are usually posted on the day following the audition.  Teachers have the next school day to report any score errors before ensemble selection begins.

11.  How do I know which of my students have been selected to an all-county ensemble?

Go to SoloChair and click the View/Print button.  On the next screen, click the Parts/Seats button to see which of your students have been selected to an all-county ensemble.  The ensemble name  (band, orch, jazz, blue chorus, etc) will be listed under the Ens column and the Folder Number will be listed under the Part column.  If these columns are blank, the student has not been selected.  This is the way SoloChair reports the information.  The complete roster will be posted on the ECMEA web page in the ECMEA File Exchange section.

12.  How do I report a student cancellation in elementary and junior high all-county chorus?

To report choral cancellations click HERE

All cancellations and alternate substitutions for all-county chorus are handled by Ann Mosner. No substitution can be made after February 15th

13.  When do I register the individual student names for my high school vocal quartet auditions?

Individual student names must be registered on SoloChair between January 2nd and January 15th.  Only students who have been registered on SoloChair are eligible to sing at the high school vocal quartet audition.