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Junior High Vocal Audition

Teachers must register students for auditions for SSA and SATB choruses by name and voice part on SoloChair.com by the November 15 deadlne. Auditions will be held on the same day and location as the Elementary Auditions. The audition  procedure is shown below followed by documents you can download and print if you wish. There are also audition demonstration videos.

Audition Parameters for Jr. High Vocal Auditions


  Scale 1 Scale 2 Round
Soprano DM FM GM
Alto BbM EM FM
Tenor DM EM GM
Bass BbM DM FM

Scales may be sung at tempo of student’s choice.

Scales may be sung on neutral syllables, numbers, or solfege. Scales will be sung a cappella, ascending and descending.



Adjudicator establishes pitch/key before every performance by playing I-IV-V-I and starting pitch on the keyboard.

Scales may be sung on neutral syllables, numbers, or solfege.  Scales will be sung a cappella, ascending and descending at a tempo of the student’s choice.

Music Alone Shall Live” will be sung a cappella, using the music provided on the ECMEA website The adjudicator cues the student with “1-2-3, ready-and-sing”.  It will be sung at a tempo of quarter note = @96. 


All students sing scale 1 in unison followed by:

►Student #1 sings scale 1 first, followed by students #2 and student #3;

►Student #2 sings scale 2 first, followed by #3 and #1;

All students sing “Music Alone Shall Live” in unison

►Student #3 sings “Music Alone Shall Live” as a solo first, followed by #1 and #2 (as solos).

►“Music Alone Shall Live” will then be sung in a *round beginning with student #1 (or volunteer). 


*The round will be NOT be used in the scoring or selection process – it will be evaluated on a separate sliding scale for pilot purposes in 2018.  The adjudicator should bring each entrance in by playing starting pitch on the keyboard.